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Grown by Danu smallholder farmers in the Ywangan area of Southern Shan state, this offering is a combination of daily lots from throughout the season.  Varietals grown are overwhelmingly Catuai and S795. Ywangan used to be a significant opium producing region. Concerted efforts have been made over the past 10 years to replace poppies with coffee, providing farmers with a consistent and reliable source of income. High density shade is provided by silver oak, macadamia and indigenous fruit trees. This contributes to reforestation in an areascarred by traditional slash and burn opium agriculture, as well as improvements in final cupping notes / scores.

Picked cherry is washed within 24 hours of harvest. After washing, the coffee is fermented and run through a demucilager, then sun-dried on a patio for 7-12 days depending on the weather. Support and investment from USAID via Winrock International and the Coffee Quality Institute has resulted in significant developments in terms of processing techniques: parchment here is turned each hour for even drying and moisture meters are used to calculate when the parchment is ready for warehousing. Processing takes place in Pyin Oo Lwin (Mandalay Division) around 1070 meters above sea level at the new, ultra-modern facilities of Mandalay Coffee Group using state of the art Pinhalense equipment – the same processor which won first place overall and first place for their dry naturals at the 2017 Myanmar Coffee Association Coffee Quality Competition.

While much of the focus of the coffee world’s recent interest in Myanmar is on the country’s extraordinary near-90 scoring dry natural micro-lots, this offering is a wonderful example of consistently well-processed, balanced and versatile fully washed Burmese coffee that will surely help to cement this region on any world coffee map.

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