Nyamwenda Washing Station

Nyamwenda Washing Station

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This washed Red Bourbon coffee is grown by numerous smallholders in the Gisenyi region of Lake Kivu in Western Province, Rwanda at altitudes of 1800 - 2000 masl. The Nyamwenda Washing Station is own by COOPAC, which was established in 2001 with 110 members with the aim to regenerate the coffee Gisenyi region. COOPAC went on to construct the Nyamwenda washing station in 2003. At Nyamwenda washing station fair trade is exercised where the returns and profits from the sale of the coffee is used in developing the local community in the area. COOPAC now has 8000 members and some 50 washing stations dotting the northern lake landscape.

COOPAC is currently promoting and providing shade tree saplings and agroforestry education to all it's members so as to adhere to strict organic practices and with ongoing assistance provided to community based initiatives which has so far assisted in the contruction of schools, health care clinics, roads and bridges as well as local womens and youth development programs. 


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