STORM Handcrafted Jasmine Phoenix Eyes Loose Leaf Tea.

STORM Handcrafted Jasmine Phoenix Eyes Loose Leaf Tea.

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  • Good jasmine flavours sit well with the green tea astringency to create a nicely balanced and flavoursome brew.
  • Ever since its discovery in China, tea has been appreciated for its medicinal qualities. In more recent times research has focused upon the abundant polyphenols that are found in tea - particularly in green and white tea and their antioxidant effects. Polyphenols are said to neutralise free radicals which may help to halt or slowdown the onset of illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Jasmine is said to have calming properties so helps alleviate stress and a cluttered mind.
  • This exotic and unusual tea comes from the province of Guangxi in China. This region has perfect climatic conditions for growing tea but is also well suited to jasmine cultivation, so here the two are brought together in these beautiful hand-crafted spheres that resemble phoenix eyes. They are created by selecting the youngest leaf tips which are hand rolled into small pearl or eye shaped spheres. During the drying period, the green tea phoenix eyes are layered with freshly picked blossoms which bestow the tea with a beautiful and unmistakable fragrance of jasmine. This perfuming process is repeated up to five times to reach the correct levels of floral intensity. This tea is perfect for refreshing the palate after spicy or garlic rich Asian food.

It should be enjoyed without milk but lends itself beautifully to iced tea.

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