As of Monday 4th April 2022 we’ve had to increase our prices for the first time in at least 3 years.

Inflation is becoming real for all of us - and the ManCoCo supply chain is not immune.

For some time, raw materials have been getting more expensive, and labour and fuel costs are going up, all over Europe.

Compromising on quality or working conditions isn’t something we’ll consider. I’m sure you wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, with reluctance, we’re rolling out some modest price increases, more or less across the board.

Thank you for your continued custom and support, it’s very much appreciated.

ManCoCo Ecoffee Cup - Ile Saint Louis

ManCoCo Ecoffee Cup - Ile Saint Louis

Ecoffee Cup
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Our ManCoCo branded Ecoffee Cups are light, bright and completely reusable. It’s easy to 'do good' every single day with these bamboo takeaway coffee cups.

Did you know...

Over 300 billion single-use coffee cups are manufactured globally each year and due to their plastic content, less than 1% will actually be recycled! 

The good news is you can still enjoy your favourite coffee and do good for the environment by choosing to reuse.

The Ecoffee Cup is a reusable bamboo takeaway cup created with 75% bamboo fibre and corn starch. Because bamboo is naturally sterile, the Ecoffee cup is lovely to drink from and the re-sealable no-drip lid makes it perfect for coffee on the go.