Honduras Ana Cecelia Estevez
Honduras Ana Cecelia Estevez
Honduras Ana Cecelia Estevez

Honduras Ana Cecelia Estevez

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Product Description:

Farm: Ana Cecelis Estevez
Owner: Ana Cecelia Estevez
Location: Corquin Copan, Honduras 
Preparation: Macerated Natural
Varietal: Lempira
Flavours: Juicy orange & baked apple, sweet milk chocolate body, praline finish


The Coffee Story:

Ana Cecelia Estevez is a 24 year old coffee producer, living in Corquin Copan, Honduras. She is fanatical about coffee, and fascinated by production and quality of coffee. This macerated natural coffee is grown on her plot of land along with fruit trees, ornamentals and others that provide a more pleasant and conducive ecosystem for the wildlife.

This coffee has juicy orange and baked apple notes and a sweet milk chocolate body and praline finish.

** Please Note: Naturally processed coffees are typically very sweet, pungent and fruity and if you are not used to them, they can seem to have an unusual taste and aroma especially if you’re used to the more traditional ‘washed’ process coffees and when milk is added can sometimes come across as sour tasting.