Peru Pomahuaca Decaffeinated
Peru Pomahuaca Decaffeinated
Peru Pomahuaca Decaffeinated

Peru Pomahuaca Decaffeinated

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Product Description:

Farm:  Various
Owner: 31 Small Holders
Altitude: 1650 - 2000masl
Location: Cajamarca, Peru
Preparation: Washed/ CO2 Sparkling Water Decaffeinated
Varietal: Mixed
Flavours: Milk Chocolate, Plum & Cherry


The Coffee Story:

Pomahuaca is a blend of day lots from producers across San Ignacio and Jaen. 31 different producers contributed coffee to this blend, since the producers own relatively small amounts of land, they generally do the picking and processing themselves. This coffee process is fairly complex and the amount of care and attention put into creating this decaf blend is second to none.  

So, how does it become decaf? We use a Sparkling Water decaffeination process which is gentle, natural and organically certified. A natural carbon dioxide is combined with water to create ‘sub-critical’ conditions and a highly solvent substance for caffeine in coffee. Taking the caffeine out, but leaving the intense taste and aroma.