Rwanda Ibisi 163
Rwanda Ibisi 163
Rwanda Ibisi 163

Rwanda Ibisi 163

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Product Description:

Farm: Ibisi #163
Owner: Local smallholder farmers 
Location: Near Nyungwe Forest, Southern Rwanda 
Preparation: Washed 
Varietal: Red Bourbon 
Flavours: Rhubarb, grapefruit, bright acidity,notes of purple plum & juicy round toffee body


The Coffee Story:

The Ibisi Hills Washing Station is located in the hills of Southern Rwanda just a short drive from the Nyungwe Forest which has been traced as the source of the Nile River. This coffee is grown by local smallholder farmers at altitudes of 1700masl and has notes of rhubarb, grapefruit, purple plum, a bright acidity and a juicy round toffee body.