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Sumatra Bener Meriah
Sumatra Bener Meriah
Sumatra Bener Meriah

Sumatra Bener Meriah

Asia / Pacific
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Product Description:

Farm: Various Smallholders
Owner: Bener Meriah Farmer Group
Certification: Organic / Fairtrade
Altitude: 1100 - 1450 masl
Location: Tingkem, Aceh
Preparation: Semi Washed
Varietal: Typica, Red Caturra, Tim Tim
Flavours: Dark chocolate, tamarind and plum


The Coffee Story:

This Sumatran coffee is grown by the Bener Meriah Farmer Group near Tingkem, Sumatra at altitudes of 1100 - 1450 masl. It has notes of dark chocolate, plum and tamarind.

The Bener Meriah Farmer Group consists of 400 farmers spread over 450 hectares who grow their coffee in the rich and fertile volcanic loam soils, which are comprised of a mixture of sand, silt and clay. This soil type combined with the climate allows for the perfect growing conditions of coffee, giving the rich and full bodied, spicy and smokey coffees associated with the region.

Attention to detail is key, as each cherry is hand-picked to ensure the ideal ripeness. Then a 12-hour fermentation process begins and multiple days of drying until the coffee reaches 13% moisture.